white negroes in deutschland: kim fowley live in berlin in october 1992 featuring chris wilson from the flamin' groovies

one of the very few live recordings of kim fowley that have survived, and what a great show this was. the audience hated him from the very first moment his underrehearsed band tried to produce some interrelated music on stage, and he does not care at all. right in the middle of the performance the organiser asks the audience if they reall want to go on listening to this shit, and they all go NO! and BOO! and kim fowley goes on and on until they literally shove and club him off the stage, and still he is talking and talking and talking his mind and the audience is not able or allowed to understand or to see that this moment in rockandrollhistory is the one moment that keeps the whole universe all together.
the cd white negroes in germany was recorded on the 25th and 26th of october 1992 at the neue welt in berlin and featured chris wilson of the flamin' groovies on guitar, a drummer, some special guests and some naked girls. tracks one to nine are the only remaining fragments of the live concert on the 26th of october before kim fowley had to flee backstage and back to the hotel as fast as possible, the other tracks were recorded during the rehearsal on the 25th of october; tracks 15 and 16 can not be found on the vinyl version of this performance. 

so here we go:

live in berlin on the 26th of october 1992:
01 - berlin boogie
02 - moonlight in germany
03 - petra kelly's dead
04 - back in the ussr (listen directly in your browser)
05 - gloria
06 - peter r. defends kimania
07 - skin head boot boy mambo
08 - o.k. shithead (listen directly in your browser)
09 - third world girl (spanish fly) (listen directly in your browser)

live in rehearsal on the 25th of october 1992:
10 - heart of a dog
11 - e.e.c.c. blues
12 - soul of a madman (listen directly in your browser)
13 - world beat party
14 - night of pagan sex
15 - on the autobahn (listen directly in your browser)
16 - rockin' in the balkans 

later on that night kim fowley barricaded himself in room 719 of the berlin ibis hotel with some members of the stuttgart postpsaychoredelic band metabolismus who had helped him to escape. kim fowley did not stop to brabble and to blather and to spiel, and the metabolisten accompanied his uncontrollable brambardizing. a few weeks later a tape with some twenty minutes of this performance was released as sounds of an empty room on the metabolismus label and the 7-inch-vinyl stranded in stuttgart, produced by wenne voran and myself, followed soon after. 
you may find both releases in this=here blog following the links i provided above (with lots of additional information); but for your listening pleasure i added the tape sounds of an empty room just exactly right here.

17 - sounds of an empty room - kim fowley and metabolismus (listen directly in your browser)

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you have all forgotten basque! maryasque and brandt playing some very nice new york lofillbientpostfolk mixed up with cosmic jazz at the turn of the century

this is just and only and nothing but bass and voice, enraptured and lost in reverie some twenty years ago, and fallen off the edges of any time when the tides provided to turn in any other direction. these are dark and obscured dreams lost in the fevers of ludicrously hectiness. you may find their records in any bargain bin for 99 cent, or you may find them not at all.

maryasque and brandt aka basque did not leave too many traces: their very own label lacqua records did never release any other band than basque, and their homepage basquemusic.com has vainished in the haze ever since. unfourtunateley i am only owning two of their three albums, but i'm happy to share them with you in one big file.

so here we go for their third album radiate that they had released in the year 2000:

01 - wool and water - 5:03
02 - mariposa - 5:40
03 - chaos - 6:01
04 - thunder - 3:01 (listen directly in your browser)
05 - make me speak - 6:45
06 - stullerup - 2:58
07 - ages a whip - 2:00
08 - aboriginal lullaby (for sue and tess) - 6:42
09 - the beggars would ride - 1:27 (listen directly in your browser)
10 - the river is flowing (for delphine + the celtic fringe) - 6:34
11 - time and tide wait for no man - 6:07

and as wonderful as radiate was, their eponymous first album was as wonderful as well: 

12 - ave maria - 1:39
13 - 100 degrees - 4:57
14 - swollen stranger - 3:57
15 - let all mortal flesh keep silence - 3:31 (listen directly in your browser)
16 - twilight - 5:03
17 - the mountain song - 3:14
18 - woman in the room - 1:58
19 - jab - 2:26

(mp3; all scans included; direct download)


dashiell hedayat was obsolete with gong in 1971; plus some rare tracks from beyond

i bought my copy of obsolete by dashiell hedayat for 99 dutch cent when i visited amsterdam in 1972. i had no idea what i had found there, and i only bought it because i liked the cover. listening to the record back home was a great experience, but not as mindblowing as you might expect. i already knew some things about gong, frank zappa, the velvet underground or cathy berberian and william s. burroughs, but it fit in to help me to puzzle in and out the current and the future aspects of my record collection.
throughout the following years obsolete was never too far away from my recordplayer; i must have listened to it some two or three million times. and i still love it of course. some time before obsolete in 1970 dashiell hedayat aka daniel theron realised an other rather interseting record using the name melmoth, and then, for some reasones or other, disappeared in the process of growing old.

so hear we goo-goo:

eh, mushroom, will you mush my room ? 

01 - chrysler 6:40 (listen directly in your browser)
02 - fille de l'ombre 2:18
03 - long song for zelda 7:45

04 - cielo drive/17 21:09

oh, and did i mention that the artists involved with this record included gilli smyth, daevid allen, didier malherbe, pip pyle, christian tritsch, william s. burroughs, and sam, the baby-son of robert wyatt? no, i did not; but now i did.

for your listening pleasure i added all of the bonus tracks i found on the swedish release of continental circus by gong that i mentioned as the obscure amazon-version in my blog-post about the italian version of continental circus way down below; and that is where you can find all of the information and music missing here.

and here we go for the gong bonus tracks:

05 - est-ce que je suis (french only a side, 1970) 3:39 (listen directly in your browser)
06 - hip hypnotise you (french only b side, 1970) 3:26
07 - dreamin' it (french tv, 1970) 7:12
08 - never fight another war (french tv, january 1971) 3:14
09 - excerpts from "camembert electrique" (french tv, january 1971) 2:14
10 - est-ce que je suis (french tv, january 1971) 4:46
11 - fohat digs holes in space (french tv, april 1972) 4:38
12 - dynamite (french tv, september 1972) 3:51 (listen directly in your browser)
13 - never glid before (french tv, september 1973) 5:40
14 - i am your pussy (french tv, september 1973) 5:04

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improvised music recorded live in new york 1981: derek bailey, fred frith, sonny sharrock, john zorn, bill laswell and charles k. noyes, plus some bonus tracks

this is exactlay what the headline says: some thirty minutes of free improvised music recorded live in new york in 1981 by derek bailey, fred frith, sonny sharrock, john zorn, bill laswell and charles k. noyes; plus some bonus tracks. accourting to discogs this disconcert was announced as a concert of the group material, but for some legally bouring rearsoms they were not alloud to release it under the flack of this name. so it came out this way, and we saw: it was good.
if i had to introduce any of the artists involved you were reading the wrongohsowrong blog, aren't you? these short tracks of improvized noise are a lot of fun, they are analytizing the state of the art therethenwaybackthen in 1981; but they are way to short. but much funny. butt.
for your listening pleasure i added some tracks by the german postkraut postpunkfluxusamarsch freimprovisationsRus band sturclub just to prove that it was easy and it was cheeapmunks and you should goo out and doo it. 

01 - improvisation #1
02 - improvisation #2
04 - improvisation #4
05 - improvisation #5
06 - improvisation #6
07 - improvisation #7

08 - sturclub - cannstatt1 (2004-06-25; david dufour, uwe büchele, ralf siemers)
09 - sturclub - baileyslong (2005-03-24; werner voran, ralf siemers)
10 - sturclub - grateful deuf (2006-03-03; ralf siemers, david dufour, werner voran)

download THE free improvisation
(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


SANTA'S GOT A GTO! rodney bingenheimer's favourite x-mas songs from 1996; featuring nina hagen, redd kross and the ramonas

ah, it's a prunkroirkink christmas noise for your listening pleasure: rodney bingenheimer, the elder god of slinky punkpop, deadicated thishis compilation of christmas carols to his mother, thee belovinged goredmother of  plasticdisco, klezmerock, raw power and radicilous shmaltz. she would have loved it, and so will you. for more information on the bands involved please check the entry on discogs.it was easy, it was cheap; go and do it!
you may either buy this cd via ebay for some 50 dollar or via amazon germany for 200 dollar, you may add it to your wantlist on discogs as many others did, you may download it for free at dionysus records as mp3-files with 160 kbps (but without the booklet or any additional information), or you may download it right here as mp3-files with 320 kbps, including scans of the booklet and some very obscure bonus tracks. it's up to you.

so here we go:

01 - ramonas - santa's got a GTO (listen directly in your browser)
02 - ride - like a snowflake
03 - froSTed - frosty the snowman
04 - wondermints - ski party
05 - home grown - christmas crush
06 - the diaboliks - santa's sack (listen directly in your browser)
07 - pencil test - runaway christmas
08 - nina hagen - mary x-mas
09 - the boss martian - christmas time
10 - redd kross - super sunny christmas
11 - geolyn - deck the halls
12 - methadone cocktail - i don't believe in santa
13 - jigsaw seen - god rest ye merry, gentlemen (listen directly in your browser)
14 - sleepington - i'll be home for christmas
15 - velouria - 'til next hanukkah
16 - wednesday week - christmas here
17 - sugarfree - last christmas
18 - yid kids - santa doesn't come to little jewish children's houses
19 - cranes - the christmas angel
20 - olivia barash - silent night (listen directly in your browser)
21 - the characters with rodney bingenheimer - the characters visit rodney 

plus some bonus tracks:

22 -  sturclub - oh tannenbaum (germany; 2004; session outtake) (listen directly in your browser)
23 - the rolling stones - cosmic christmas (september 1967; their first and last attempt to control a moog synthesizer)
24 - das furlines - oh tannenbaum (1986; found on the midnight christmas mess compilation)
25 - captain sensible - christmas poem (found on the smash hits christmas flexi 1981)
26 - the sonics - don't believe in christmas (1965) (listen directly in your browser)

(mp3; all scans included; direct download)



LOOK OUT! COMIN' DOWN FAST! a gathering of garbage, lies and reflections on CHARLES MANSON released in italy in 1993; heavy-end-lie expanded version

and in a moment of passion, get the glory like charles manson. glad to see you go-go-gogo-goodbye. in 1993 the italian helter skelter label invited a whole bunch of not all too indifferent noise artists to pay their dues and debts to charles manson without warshipping him all too much. and most of them did. and now that they ("they"!) had cankered and poisoned and killed charles manson in prison i thought you might be longing to hear what these artists refering to the pop-cultural phenomenomen of charles manson had to say way back then.
the compilation "comin' down fast" is a wonderful wooden reason to stand in line and to crash the sound. you'll get some noise by the likes of david peel, eugene chadbourne or controlled bleeding, enhanced with some bonus tracks i found in my collection.


the cd comin' down fast:

01 - david peel and the lower east side - hemp hop smoker
02 - motorpsycho - manson's children (listen directly in your browser)
03 - starfuckers - mechanical man
04 - controlled bleeding - bound in sone
05 - limbo - you're lost, sharon t.
06 - meathead - you owe me
07 - TAC - pigs and jackasses
08 - jesus fuck & damurderers - sick city (listen directly in your browser)
09 - skullflower - spiderdrift
10 - mana erg - man's son
11 - eugene chadbourne - how can you kill me, i'm already dead (parts 1-5)

and the bonus tracks comin' down even faster:

12 - siemers - manson1 (number one of two sketches i recorded in 2002; but never mind nevermind: both are very short and you won't be harmed all too much)

13 - the manson fragments (the voice of charles manson laughing and talking about punk, water, the us of a, authority, manson and beyondness; collected on the world wide web from different sources in 1999)
14 - the beach boys - never learn not to love (their 1968 version of the charles manson song "cease to exist"; learn more on wikipedia, if you dare to trust "them")

15 - charles manson - cease to exist (demo recording, 1968)

16 - siemers - manson2 (see track12; listen directly in your browser)

17 - grateful dead - mason's children (it's mason nonmention not manson: recorded live at hollywood pop on the 28th of december 1969)

18 - thy mystyry tryck

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


inga rumpf and dagmar krause sounding out the abysses of the german kraut underground as the i.d.company in 1970 (plus some bonus tracks as usual)

both inga rumpf and dagmar krause had been members of the german folk unit city preachers since something like 1965, both had reached out for other musical genres like schlagerschmalz and brechtweillcabaret, and in 1970 both experienced a transitioning period of searching new directions, that later on pretty soon would lead inga to some heavyheavy bluesrock excursions with frumpy, and would lead dagmar to some filigrimprovisation with bands like slap happy and henry cow.

in 1970 though them both teamed up with some german bluesjazzjameslast mercenaries, told them to be free, and let them noise out whatever they wanted: inga rumpf caused them to flow away on some psychedeleric krautblues, while dagmar led them into the abyss of free improvisation and raw sound. the album was released in 1970 on the veryxperimental black label of the german tv program guide magazine hör zu to accompany exclusive releases of xenakis, stockhausen, john coltrane, soft machine or erik satie, and they fit in perfectly.

so side one of the album i.d.company featured inga rumpf deconstructing the blues with the following titles:

01 - bhagavad gita
02 - bum-bum
03 - i watched the women (listen directly in your browser)

and side two of the album featured dagmar krause with four featheryxperimental tracks that opened some new ears:

04 - he's out now
05 - dünne, gläserne frauen (listen directly in your browser)
06 - schneeweisse hände
07 - schwarzes insekt

in 1970 this collection of contradictory tracks was rather disturbing, so only ver few people cared about these sounds or even bought the record. but i did. but ernieway for your listening pleasure i am sharing the germanofon bootleg version rather than my worn out copy of the record with you. and as the album is just 34 minutes way too short i added some bonus tracks:

in 1967 inga rumpf aka inga sang a german version of the beat goes on, backed with a hunting original, pre-punking all that punk:

08 - inga - the beat goes on
09 - inga - dein spiel ist endlich aus (listen directly in your browser)

and appreciating the more askew ambitions of dagmar krause i added the coumplete version of a composition konrad boehmer realized in 1984 with her and phil minton, wim vos, jan hendriks and many others for the dutch bv haast records label.

10 - apocalipsis cum figuris

so this all together makes a very nice 79-minute-cd; so go and get it, baby!

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)